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12 Jan

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Date again

28 Jul

Great morning to YOU, how are you doing? Its been a while we hooked up on this curve, I had a lot to put in order, parenting strategy class(which was awesome, thanks to God), family demands and all that.
Thank God am back! Wanna share some thoughts with you. As a parent you’re in a fierce COMPETITION with the media, society, their friends, etc on who wins your childs heart.
For you to win, and establish your territory in the heart of your child, this is what you need to do, LEARN to WOO your child(ren) once in a while. Can you remember how you won the heart of your lover or husband?
Always creating TIME to see each other, can’t wait to wrap your ARM round his/her waist, always there to lend your EARS and listen to you lover speak, you asked so much questions, everything they say is sweet and funny to your ears, even if it were speaking in tongue, hey YOU know what I mean!
Once in a while you bought stuffs for them and most importantly seizing every moment to tell your lover ‘I LOVE YOU’ as if it were  medication for asthma.
Your kids are not just piece of property, they are precious gems, and needs to be treated as such. once in a while let them hear YOU say you love them. Thats the greatest word a child (always) longs to hear from his parents.
Your child(ren) is/are going through lotta pressure, sexual pressure, social, academic, emotional, physiological pressure etc and they want to share and unburden. Are you there for them?
Touch your kids, hug, carry them, pat them, hold their hands, it helps you both connect and create that feeling of acceptance in the mind of your child.
Things have changed, same with parenting methodologies. Woo them, buy them stuffs, give them your ears and attention. If you don’t do it, paedophiles will do it, players will do it, their friends, tv, social media will do it. Enjoy your date!
Will love to hear from you,
Your friend,
Adeh Jones,
Parenting/Teen coach,
BB pin:7B93D444,
Twitter: therapistJONES.

Connecting with your kids

21 Jul


Great morning to YOU. How was your week? I believe great. Am once again excited to hook up with you again.

During the week ends, I was opportune to go visit an uncle in the hospital. We shared a lot, but I want to share with us what he said that got me thinking… He said he wished he spent much time with his family and kids.

We live in a time where the challenges of parenting are enormous, work stress, demanding job, financial worry, marriage conflict, divorce, competition etc
All this leads to a less connected relationship between parents and their children, children feeling less valued.

I want to share with us 3 tips on how to connect with your child.

1. Learn to always touch them- it could holding of the hand squeezing, hair stroking, a pat, hug, midnight kiss, carrying etc. Research showed that most people touch their pets more than they touch they kids.

2. Give them your TIME. Like I use to say, a child definition of L.O.V.E is T.I.M.E, don’t make them feel your job is more important than how they feel. Our kids are under pressure, give them your ears, eyes, heart, and tears.

3. Take them as who they are, not who you want them to be. Flow with them via their personality channel, let them know you value them, appreciate and celebrate their uniqueness.

Let me stop here for today.

Am your friend,
Adeh Jones,
Parenting/Teen coach,
BB pin: 7B93D444,
Twitter: @therapistJONES

Proactive parenting

17 Jul

Great morning to you. How was your sleep? Glad to hook up with you again. As a parent, one of your job is to control, debunk and expose your children to information that shapes their mind constructively.

The average ‘black man’ will feel its not normal to engage in this practices, especially looking at the home as a kingly position, rather than the servantly role.

1. Be your children’s DJ. What kind of music do your kids listen to at home? Do you invite a DJ to come blast during your child’s birthday? Instead of exposing your kids to all sought of raw shake-shake-bend-down-low kind of music, be in  charge!

Get on to that wheel of steel, be your house and children’s DJ, it helps to controls the kind of music they are exposed to, and better advice them why certain kind of music is not healthy for them.

2. Be the cinema operator. How do you run your house? Anyhow? Set days of watching  movie, and sit down and watch with them. It helps to to check mate and debunk wrong information.

Convert excessive movie time to family activities that will build their minds and strengthen the family bond.

3. Be the park attender. Its either you make your house as open and comfortable for your kids to bring in their friends and colleagues, or you’re in trouble. You can only manage and monitor your children’s behavior if they are in, not out!

Going out exposes them to all sort of influences, so? Their friends should rather come to your house, it will even help you know their friends better, hence making advice and corrections effective.

Space would not allow me share other crazy roles like, being the pastry chef, fashion designer, etc. For now, just have a nice day.

Drop a note!
Am your friend,
Adeh Jones,
Parenting/Teen coach,
BB pin: 7B93D444,
Twitter: @therapistjones.

Are you a minister?

16 Jul

Hey, just tweaked a poem for YOU, enjoy!!!

You’re called to a TASK more than just providing food, clothes, and shelter, but a minister, I mean MINI STAR! in a world that blindfolds our kids with distorted messages of reality.

Be a MINI STAR whose children need not rely on church dogma to know the MASTER, but knowing the master because they know YOU.

Be a MINI STAR of beauty, be their MAKE UP, make up for the deficiencies, be their FOUNDATION, blend with them, so they wouldn’t need external MASCARA to define their SELF WORTH.

Be a MINI STAR whose relationship with his kids is WHOLE rather than a FRACTION, divided by your differences, its OK to be ODD.

Be a MINI STAR of love, enrol them into the school of grace, let them understand that even in their mess, your arm, smiles, heart, and touch is still a REFUGE for them.

Be a MINI STAR of grace in a world of darkness, your kids are watching and following your FOOTSTEPS, where are you taking them to?

Your rooky poet,
Adeh Jones.

If you were blessed, share, if you were not, tell me you love me.

Let them play

15 Jul

Stop that! Go and sleep! You play too much! As a parent, its either you’ve once muttered one of this statement or you’ve heard it in various occasions, by some parents to their children.

I want to share with you, why you have to let them play.
The average child is subjected to 6 hours of school, two hours of extra lesson, with no time to either play with neighbours or friends. No wonder UNICEF said we no more have children.

When was the last time you saw a child building a sand house? playing kuso? Playing with a kite? preparing a sand meal and all that?

1. Play in children triggers the secretion of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a substance essential for growth of brain cell, and plays a great role in a child’s ability to learn.

2. Play improves the sociodynamic traits of a child. They learn how to relate better with people and their environment; children who play are more stable emotionally than children who don’t.

3. You’re scared of them hurting themselves? Don’t handicap their life by making it easier. Most of what you know and learned today are a product of your mistakes, failure and experiences. Let them fall and hurt themselves, its future benefit outweighs your hyper sensitivity. It improves connection in their prefrontal cortex(PFC).

Let me stop here for today, feel free to rebroadcast. Will love to hear from you.

Your friend,
Adeh Jones,
Parenting/Teen coach,
BB pin: 7B93D444,
Twitter: @therapistJONES.

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Handling favoritism

11 Jul

Every parent have a favourite child, though most parents find it hard to agree. Let your partner ask your children who is daddy’s/mummy’s favorite child, and you’ll be amazed.
To parent effectively, you need to know how to HANDLE this properly. Kids do more of FEELING than thinking, so when a child feels you love his/her brother/sister more than him/her, he/she feels rejected, neglected and not loved.(chaii, see english)
1. Love your kids, not on the premise of how good they are academically, socially, morally or spiritual. Love WHO they are, and not WHAT they are.
2. Spend TIME with them, individually. They feel special and accepted, and it gives you the window to CONNECT with each of them better.
3. Don’t COMPARE them with each other. Celebrate their individual uniqueness, and help them GROW in their area of weakness.
4. Seek HELP! Most parents admit finding it hard not to love a child over the other. Favoritism is an ineffective parenting taboo. you need to unlearn and learn a new pattern.
Good morning! Have any question, am here to answer them.
Your friend,
Adeh Jones,
Parenting/Teen coach,
BB pin: 7B93D444,
Twitter: @therapistJONES.